Know what you're taking: Amino Xplode

Marco Verhoek
3 September 2020
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Amino XPlode is a unique amino acid combination of Free Form amino acids (free form of amino acids). It is therefore not a hydrolyzate of proteins. A Free Form amino acid means that it is ready for absorption in the small intestine and not needs to be digested more by the body. This form of amino acids manufactured synthetically. Each ampoule of Amino X Plode contains 10,000 mg (10 grams) L-shaped amino acids, which are immediately ready for inclusion in the bloodstream.

Free Form amino acids are not body substances that make up the stomach recognizes and therefore cannot be taken together with proteins. Once you if you do, the proteins and Free Form amino acids will mix, which is of course a waste of the expensive (and higher quality) free-form amino acids. Amino acids are important for muscle building and muscle recovery, among other things but also for other important processes in our body, such as hormone balance.


The composition of Amino X Plode is unique due to the large amount of Free Form amino acids. Amino X Plode contains a high dose of Arginine and Ornithine for stimulation of your own pituitary gland. This causes a greater (higher) production of your own growth hormone.

Amino X Plode also contains a high dose of BCAA (Isoleucine, Leucine and Valine). As you may already know, these are essential amino acids as your body cannot make them itself. This comes from your diet to be met. Amino X Plode does not contain carbohydrates and fats and is artificially sweetened.


The hydrolysis of proteins is a natural process that takes place in the stomach. In the stomach, the proteins (whatever form) are passed through the stomach acid and by the enzymes such as pepsin, gelatinase and renin in it cut bite-sized chunks. Further in the stomach process, more enzymes are produced used to cut the proteins into smaller and smaller particles. Hereby the pancreas produces the important enzymes (Aminopeptidase, Tripeptidase, Dipeptidase) to get them completely small. Only in the small intestine are the proteins completely digested into L-shaped amino acids. These amino acids are only now ready for absorption into the bloodstream.

Free Form amino acids do not need the whole process and are absorbed directly in the small intestine. In short, skip all the links and take advantage of these unique amino acids!


Amino XPlode should be taken in the morning, on an empty stomach protein residues, after an intensive training and /or after a longer period without it intake of proteins (minimum 3 hours). Free Form amino acids are only through the stomach when there are virtually no proteins in your stomach.


that you now see on the market protein hydrolyzates. M Double You is the only provider of Free Form amino acids. You can recognize this by emptying the ampoule on a dish and let the water evaporate again. Only then will you have the pure crystals visible again. The Amino X Plode from M Double You is therefore not hydrolyzate of proteins.

In summary, the Amino XPlode is a unique collaboration that ensures faster recovery, a better pump and more own growth hormones. Three benefits from one great supplement. What more could you want?

Shop your Amino XPlode HERE now. Do you have questions about your own diet? Please contact the specialists of M Double You. Our team can really help you further!

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