Nancy Heijnis
26 February 2020
Reading time: 9 minutes

Protein Ice Cream

How about a delicious ice cream, enriched with proteins? The idea is simple and really at your fingertips! You are now offered the opportunity to enter a whole briefly "Protein Ice Cream '. Easy and delicious!

Preparation You take 100 ml. water and 50 gr. Protein Ice Cream. You merge this and mix as a regular protein shake. After mixing, pour it into a bowl or bowl fits easily in the freezer. After about 3 hours the mixture has hardened and can you enjoy delicious ice cream without feeling guilty. Any dosage contains no less than 28% proteins!

Would you like to reduce on carbohydrates? Then there is also a "light" version available for you! Also this Protein Ice Cream Light still contains 28% protein. The Xilithol takes care of for a good taste you won't find at the ice cream parlors.

Protein Pancake
Starting your breakfast is something different. No sandwiches, oatmeal or eggs, but pancakes! " Protein Pancake " is easy and simple to prepare without having to spend hours in the kitchen .

Preparation The batter simply put in a bowl and of course you spray the frying pan with the PEM cooking spray from M Double You. It can be done in the shortest possible time pancake party because before you know it you have baked a pile. Of course you don't just take these for breakfast, but a few extra to you You can also bring work with you.

Do you want the pancakes tasty too? invest? With the 100% Whey Protein from M Double You you can have a delicious making liniment. Put 50 grams of powder in a small bowl, add one Add a little water and mix to a somewhat thicker mixture. So have you also a protein-rich toppings. The available flavors are banana, strawberry, vanilla, raspberry, chocolate and cookies & cream.

Protein Pudding
Do you ever eat pudding or salad? this dessert because you are not waiting for such a load of sugar? You have to nowadays no longer with the Protein Pudding , which contains no less than 30 grams of protein. So both fast and slow proteins each dessert is a correct mix of 2 types of protein (whey and milk protein). So not all those carbs! Of course your body needs carbohydrates when energy source, but you get enough from your daily diet. You get qualitative proteins inside for your muscle recovery and building. Protein Pudding you can take it perfectly as a supplement to a meal.

Preparation Mix 40 grams powder with 250 ml of water in, for example, a shaker and shake the mixture well until it thickens. Then pour the mixture into a bowl. Now can you eat the pudding! Scitec Protein Pudding can be added as a supplement or replacement of a meal. Cold pudding is of course even better! Then make sure you keep it in the refrigerator (maximum 2 days).

In summary, there are plenty of tasty variations on yours protein shake! Experience it now!

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