Know What You're Taking: Pre Workout

Nancy Heijnis
4 September 2020
Reading time: 7 minutes

Pre Workout supplements give a real kickstart to your training. The ingredients will keep you longer and longer can train more intensively and is also full of energy. In this article we explain exactly what a Pre Workout is and what you can use it for.


A Pre Workout is a supplement that is formulated to your body prepare for a workout. The chosen ingredients (often these are fast carbohydrates (sugars), amino acids, arginine, BCAA, tyrosine, creatine, nitrogen and caffeine) ensure that more blood is sent to your muscles pumped so that your body gets an energy boost. In addition to being one energy boost, the Pre Workout is composed in such a way that your performance go up and you can train harder and even more intensively. These ingredients activate the metabolism and some people can get hyper with it and a feeling tingling throughout the body. In short; a Pre Workout is a very valuable addition to your daily nutritional schedule and ensures that you You can work more intensively, more powerfully and more concentrated in the gym!


This seems at first glance not the case. The ingredients of the Pre Workout are really focused on it improving your performance and the growth of your muscles. But because you body experiences a stimulus that it is not used to, you can often just take that step move more. After the training you can get a so-called "post-workout depression" to experience. You can be tired and /or lethargic because your body suddenly becomes a lot less has energy. Logical, given that your body has had to perform more than that it is used to. Fortunately, you can quickly solve this with a meal after training or a good protein shake. This way your body recovers a lot faster and you get back to the desired energy level.


Pre workout is generally free from doping. However, some pre workouts on the market may contain substances include those by the World Anti-Doping Agency and individual sports associations are classified as doping. It is therefore very important if you buy the Pre To use workout in competitions, always check this with the hand from the label of the Pre Workout. The Pre Workouts That M Double You sells are all doping-free.


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