3 handy recipes to get back in shape after the holidays

Nancy Heijnis
1 June 2020
Reading time: 12 minutes

But unfortunately, this way you quickly reach your daily calorie requirement. The rule of thumb for a healthy man is approximately 2,500 calories per day. For women this is slightly lower, about 2,000. If you don't want to gain weight, you have to stay under this.

Still, there are other options. To get a little more control over your calorie intake, House of Nutrition helps you with the help of 3 recipes that you can use in any rhythm. These recipes have good macros and at the same time ensure that you feel full for a long time. This way you know exactly what you are getting into and you can skip the Magnum ice cream and that fries just a little faster with a tasty appetite. And yes, you can enjoy it non-stop, because the recipes are to die for!

#Recipe 1: Protein-rich apple pie overnight oats

Combine oatmeal porridge with Oat 'N' Whey sachets or 100% Whey Protein sachets. Especially if you are a fan of (healthy) apple pie! Take 40 grams of oatmeal and grate a small apple. Add the grated apple to the oatmeal, along with a handful of nuts and a handful of raisins. Add cinnamon to taste and top the almond milk above the oatmeal. Stir, add some extra almond milk and let it rest in the fridge. Eat it the next morning for your daily portion of protein and make it extra delicious with some Greek yogurt.

#Recipe 2: Double chocolate or Pannacotta protein pudding

Eating chocolate pudding gives you normal guilt? Then ProteinPudding is the dessert that is entirely for you! Enjoy chocolate pudding without the high amount of bad sugars and fats.The dessert contains high-quality proteins with a high biological value and absorbability. For the preparation you should do the following: Use a shaker to mix 1 portion (40 grams) of powder with 250 ml of water and shake vigorously until it thickens. Then pour it into a bowl and eat it after or instead of any of your meals. Prefer cold pudding? Chill the pudding in the fridge (ideally around 4 ° C) and consume it within 2 days!

#Recipe 3: Sweet protein-rich crêpes

Mix two or three eggs with 3 teaspoons of milk. Add a scoop of Shake & Wait or DietProtein, but make sure that the batter remains thin. Put a thin layer in a frying pan with a good non-stick coating. Then place the pan over medium heat and sprinkle the crepe with chunks of fruit of your choice or date syrup to keep the crepe sweet, yet healthy. Do you prefer savory? Then make the crepe with protein powder without added flavor and fill it with tomato, mushrooms, bell pepper or cheese. Bon appétit! What are the benefits?

Treat yourself without guilt!
Each serving contains a high level of protein
It supports muscle building /muscle strength /muscle mass
Contains whey protein and casein protein

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