The story of Marco Verhoek - M Double You since 1986

Nancy Heijnis
5 December 2019
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In 1985 I was in the car to discuss the idea of ​​setting up its own brand in the sports nutrition industry. Bodybuilding was completely hip by Arnold, among others Schwarzenegger and because of the enormous interest in the Netherlands I saw a huge one potential in the market. I did fitness myself, but was never one myself bodybuilder. The discipline of a bodybuilder really appealed to me. It on pushing aside everything, the passion and ambition, very disciplined food, 2x a day of focused sports…. I thought all of this was wonderful to see and this makes it for me it is a beautiful unique sport.

I started with 1 car full of Protein 95 now known as 100% milk protein, the first product in the range from M Double You. In the years as a starting entrepreneur you do a lot experience. The first year was very difficult. By yourself past the gyms sales began to take off slowly. It took a very long time sports nutrition really was seen as something for the bodybuilders. For many one "Far from my bed show". I saw sports nutrition as something common too man had to be available. By giving presentations and myself continuously to show the outside world it was getting better and better and the gyms increasingly convinced of the value of sports nutrition.

After a several years it went much better and M Double You went more and more develop yourself. Others in the market imported from America, we manufactured it themselves in Europe. By putting together our own products we were in charge of the quality, price, flavors, etc., which ensured that the products matched the consumer's wishes perfectly. Our own We were able to incorporate identity and quality into this, that is always the basis from our company. Even now at House of Nutrition where we now have about our own factory.

My goal is always has been and still is the same: selling quality. That is also the reason there has always been chosen for A-manufacturers. When you are going to cut back on you quality is ultimately lost. That's how we always have our customers satisfied.

Where does the name M Double You come from? My first name is Marco and my middle name is Willem (named after my father). In English you pronounce these initials together as "M Double You". Considering the sport has come over from America and it in the Netherlands in the 1980s was still very small, we wanted to maintain an American appearance. A beautiful personal touch.

Convenience and good taste Athletes want convenience. The products must taste good and the result must be there to be quick. Today's athletes unfortunately think too easily about it. Everything is all about diligent work. Miracle cures do not exist. Supplements are a positive addition to your diet. It's all about good food, good train and sleep well.

The Internet provides both a positive and a negative effect on the knowledge of the consumer. So much is written and shouted that the consumer often is misinformed. That is the reason that we have more than 30 years of experience from now on will use to athletes through our articles here inform and advise. So that you as an athlete know exactly what you are using and what you need.

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Future M Double You and House of Nutrition At House of Nutrition, we have several great plans for the future, for M Double You but also for our other own brands such as: Performance Sport Nutrition, MP3 Drinks, First Class Nutrition and House of Nutrition house brand. We wanting to go along with the wishes of the consumer, that is it for us most importantly. The focus remains on good products for a fair price price.

Of course there will be more products but we want to keep the focus. We think it is important to our customers across the entire range professionally and honestly to advise. Therefore, all our employees must also have full knowledge of the Products. This way we can prevent incorrect information that we distribute to the to exclude consumers as much as possible.

We have launched our own clothing brand for a number of years. This clothing stands for everything that M Double You stands for. Thus we supply high quality clothing for one fair price. In this way we make M Double You part of you lifestyle. M Double You is your lifestyle.

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