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4 September 2020
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Creatine is a body substance and naturally occurs in our muscles. We obtain creatine from our food derived from fish and meat (especially red meat). Creatine is contained in our own body in the liver and pancreas made by 3 amino acids; Argines, Methionine and Glycine. The concentration of creatine in our muscles is an average of 180 to 200 grams and is stored in the body. This mainly happens in our muscles. Unfortunately, there is too little in your body to really benefit from it enough during training.


Creatine plays an important role in the contraction of our muscles. It is actually one intermediate for the energy supply of the muscle and nerve cells. Through the Using creatine you can contract and relax a muscle more often and for longer. All this has to do with, among other things, the ATP (Adinine Tri Phosphate). This takes care of it before your acidification is delayed so that you have more repetitions (sets and reps).


These days you can buy creatine in various forms. The main reason for taking creatine is that you can increase the concentration in your muscles by means of supplementation. You body holds the higher concentration for a longer time and there you have it as a strength and /or martial artist benefit from.

By a higher concentration creatine you can train longer and do more reps and sets than before. Through the Using creatine you will notice that you develop more power and you just that can lift extra kilos that you previously had too much trouble with.

Because you get more out of your exercises and you repeat your exercises more often, there will be cracks in your muscle cells originate. It is very important to take in enough proteins so that your muscles can recover and grow.


There is a big difference between using creatine for strength athletes and using this supplement for endurance athletes.

Strength athletes: The first 5 days take 5 grams of creatine (teaspoon) 3 times a day with water or mixed in one fruit juice (the sugars in a fruit juice ensure a faster absorption). After 5 days you switch to a daily dose of 5 grams. Here it is important that you do this at a fixed time of the day. That way your buffer remains in your muscles continuously at the level.

Endurance athletes: The first 10 days you take 2 doses of 5 grams daily. After 10 days you switch to a dosage of 5 grams per day. Again, you must ensure that you take this at a fixed time of the day.


Creatine is often seen as a basic need, in addition to proteins, and that makes sense. Because you train harder and more intensively you can grow faster. Here it is it is important to combine the creatine with protein shakes, since you muscles need to recover in time and through the effort also more endure.

At M Double You, we advise you to Use creatine for a maximum of 6-8 consecutive weeks. Then you serve one a rest period of 6 weeks. After those 6 weeks you can start the process again start the starting point. The so-called "charging phase" is very important here.


If you use creatine you will notice that:

· Creatine de increase the duration of your training

· Creatine helps to increase your total muscle mass

· Creatine ensures better communication between cells

· Creatine can contribute to brain health

As you can read in this article the use of creatine has many advantages. For you, your training and your brain. It is important to understand that creatine is a supplement, an addition to your daily diet. Due to the large quantities creatine in the supplements makes it easy and quick to take these important substances.

But ... through your diet you also get an average of 1 gram creatine per day. Your diet and schedule will therefore remain unchanged essential. Never see a supplement as a replacement for you nutrition, but only as an addition.

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