Amino acids are the essential building blocks of the body

Marco Verhoek
25 January 2019
Reading time: 8 minutes


Amino acids are building materials for proteins, consist of oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen. They counter muscle breakdown and ensure that your muscles recover faster and stronger. A large part of our cells, muscles and tissue in the body are made up of amino acids, they ensure that our cells acquire structure. These building blocks of proteins ensure that all physiological processes in the body can work properly Operate. So they are used in most body processes, of how the body works up how the brain functions.

The liver produces about 80% of it the essential amino acids, so the rest must be supplemented with a correct one diet and supplements.


There are several types of amino acids, semi-amino acids are the building materials that are naturally produced in the liver and thus in the body. In a correct and varied diet you could normally assume that you get enough amino acids. But if you train fanatically you have of course also need more energy and more of these amino acids. Some amino acids are suitable for building muscle faster, losing weight faster or to help against hair loss.


Amino acids have a positive affect muscle maintenance and muscle recovery, they are essential to us metabolic process. They ensure that you get all the nutrients as well possibly record. You can think of substances such as water, fats, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Amino acids must be in sufficient quantity present to performance in sports, your energy, your recovery, muscle and fat ratio and your brain and mood to function properly.


Meat contains a large part of the required amino acids that your body needs. A combination with the right one vegetables and grains can ensure that a good base is created. Unfortunately the rest of your daily diet does not contain enough amino acids for this basis keep in balance. To get the required amount of amino acids is it is therefore important that you supplement your daily diet with supplements such as a protein powder or capsules /tablets.

The intake of these powders and /or capsules /tablets is best taken right after your workout, they namely support the production of new muscle tissue. The quantity is of course different for everyone, but on average 10 grams of amino acids can be obtained recommend.


Amino acids are therefore essential building materials that the body needs. If you are a fanatic athlete and want more muscle building, less fat or more energy, you can do with amino acid supplements replenish this household in the body.

Of the 22 amino acids needed, the body can only produce 13 of them itself. So if you don't get enough of it gets these 13 remaining amino acids, the body will take these from it existing muscle tissue, resulting in muscle breakdown. Vegans should do this understand that they do not incorporate a full amino acid pattern when they are alone Get vegetable proteins.

Due to the deteriorating quality of daily foods are certainly supplemented with amino acids recommended. With us you will find amino acids in different to shape. Ampoules, capsules, tablets, liquid amino and amino acids powder form. Do you use amino acids and what effect does this have on your results?

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